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ABAI 2019!

Current doctoral student Jacqueline Carrow presented a paper titled "Equivalence-Based Instruction with Non-Food Items to Increase Portion-Size Estimation Accuracy".

Current doctoral student Kathleen Marano presented her thesis paper titled "Effect of Conducting Behavioral Observations and Ratings on Staff Implementation of a Paired-Stimulus Preference Assessment".

Former Caldwell ABA Post-Master's Student Rafaella Gashi presented a paper titled "Reinforcer Choice as an Antecedent Versus Consequence During Skill Acquisition". This project was a collaboration between the VladLab and Garden Academy.

Current lab member Kasey Nippes presented a paper titled "Comparing Skill Acquisition Under Varying Onsets of Differential Reinforcement".

Former lab member Nicole Lee presented her thesis paper titled "Effects of Behavioral Skills

Training on the Stimulus Control of Safety Responding". We were fortunate to have the Safety Skills GOAT Ray Miltenberger as our discussant!

We also made time to socialize with old friends and colleagues!

Some of the old MMI crew plus Caio!

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