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ABAI 2016

The ABA Department from Caldwell University was well represented at the 2016 ABAI Convention!

Check out some lab highlights below:

Past and current lab members pictured here: Casey Dispey, Jessie Northgrave, Antonia Giannakakos, Jason Vladescu, Lauren Schnell, and Casey Nottingham.

Lauren Schnell chairing a symposium on generalization.

Jessie Northgrave presenting on teaching safety skills to individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

Casey Nottingham presenting on instructive feedback.

Lauren Schnell presenting on applications of stimulus-equivalence based instruction to teach portion size estimation.

Rachel Simon presenting on car seat installation. Way to go Rachel!

Antonia Giannakakos presenting on linking assessment to skill acquisition intervention. She was part of a fantastic group of presenters including Drs. Amber Valentino, Linda LeBlanc, Tiffany Kodak, and Dorothea Lerman.

Lauren Schnell won an award during the 2016 VB-SIG student paper competition! Check out a little story Caldwell University put together here.

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